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Las Piedras

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Las Piedras is a community that depends on a single gasoline-powered pump to obtain its water from a local reservoir.


This project will replace the existing water pump with a solar-powered pump, expanding access to clean water and eliminating the cost and labor needed to procure fuel.


 Who it benefits



The Community of Las Piedras: A community of roughly 200 families and nearly 800 residents. Located in the town of Toluviejo in Sucre, Colombia, Las Piedras is primarily an indigenous and agricultural community.


Las Piedras suffered under nearly 6 years of regional violence and social conflict in the early 2000s caused by the fighting of several illegal armed groups, and the collapse of law enforcement.


The situation greatly exuberated poverty in the community. An average household income of $3/day, and an average family size of five. Since 2006, the community has worked to rebuild.


With the support of organizations, such as SWISSAID, a local women’s non-profit, Asomupiedras, and a children’s environmental advocacy group, “Los Guardianes de la Naturaleza,” or Guardians of Nature, were formed.



Access to Water in Las Piedras



While rebuilding, the community built a small water reservoir and obtained a gasoline-powered water pump, which currently draws water for the whole community once a week.


Each family stores their water in tanks or buckets at their homes and rations it for a whole week.


They all pay a weekly fee to cover the fuel, and the operation and maintenance costs associated with the pump.


To obtain the fuel, one member of the community needs to transport 40 liters of gasoline by motorcycle for approximately 40 minutes on unpaved and dangerous roads every week.



The Impact


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A solar-powered water pump for the community of Las Piedras is cheaper, cleaner, and safer.


Reduce the cost of operating the existing water pump by eliminating the need to purchase fuel.


Expected fuel cost savings are US $1,700 annually.


This will allow families to invest more money in food, health and education.


Help fund the development of new projects, such as the expansion of the current reservoir to meet the community’s growth needs, by allowing reallocation of savings to new projects.


Reduce the environmental impacts of using fuel, by eliminating approximately 4,216 kg of CO2 emissions annually. Safer: Eliminate the risk and cost of transporting fuel every week into the community.


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