Who we are helping

Las Piedras is a community that currently depends on a single gasoline-powered pump to obtain its water from a local reservoir.

We are replacing the old existing water pump with a solar-powered pump, expanding access to clean water, and eliminating the cost and labor needed to procure the fuel. 

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Our Mission


To empower underserved communities in
Latin America through the development of
sustainable energy systems.



Who are we helping !!!

We are supporting low income communities that have in some cases suffered from social conflict and violence. Currently, we are working with the community of Las Piedras, of nearly 800 people and 200 families. They have been rebuilding since the early 2000’s and have proven their ability to own and maintain sustainable projects, and have created local organizations such as Asomupiedras and Nature Guardians, that work on community development and environmental initiatives.


"We are the guardians of nature and we seek to create awareness among the community about the importance of caring for the environment as we care too."


"The Guardians of Nature" is a group formed by children between 8 and 17 years old who currently live in the community of Las Piedras- Toluviejo, Colombia, and through the help of organizations such as SWISSAID and Asomupiedras, they were able to create their own association to help with the integral development of their community.


This group supports the local community by promoting environmental awareness through activities such as building pots with recycled resources, the collection of solid resources and planting of timber trees nearby rivers around the village.


The "Guardians of Nature" are environmental advocates today and hopefully the future leaders to generate major social changes in the country.


ACCESOSOLAR wants to contribute to the work of this small group of dreamers by showing them the importance and the environmental impact when using alternative and renewable energies such as solar energy, in order to create more energy sustainable solutions to vital processes

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